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I'm Rosa, strategic designer with a background on social entrepreneurship.


What I do

Service design

Design strategy

UX research

Project management and coordination

Co-design facilitation

Public communication

What do I do it for

Multi-stakeholder and public innovation

Social responsibility

Environmental sustainability

Citizen engagement and community empowerment

Local development and urban transformation

My experience

Coordinator | 2021 - present


La Nave Nodriza

Social Innovation: designing for change, a course that explores synergies between the fields of design and social innovation.

  • Training program co-design.

  • Mentoring team selection.

  • Course co-coordination.

Designer | 2021 - present


Oficina de Innovación Cívica

La Laguna Cuida, an employability plan in the care sector for the areas of Social Welfare and Local Development of the City of La Laguna.

  • Co-design of the employability plan.

  • Co-design of the capacitation program.

  • Advice on project implementation.

Consultant | 2021 - present


Oficina de Innovación Cívica

Mestura Puerto, a program for the activation of Fuerteventura civic centers network.

  • Member of the team of expert advisors.

  • Design project critique.

  • Co-design of implementation activities.

Facilitator | 2021


Democratic Society

Democracy Lab in the context of the Populism and Civic Engagement project.

  • Workshop co-design to suit the local context.

  • Lead facilitator.

  • Preparation of workshop report.

Consultant | 2020 - present

Deusto University


Auzotu: connecting communities, a project that explores the potential role of technology in community development. With the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

  • Project conceptualization.

  • Securing financing.

  • Workshop design consulting.

  • Communication strategy definition.

Promoter | 2020 - 2021


Centro de Innovación Tecnológica para el Desarrollo Humano (itdUPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

The City Transformation Community for the SDGs. A platform lead by itdUPM, Iberdrola, ISGlobal, REDS and SDSN (United Nations).

  • Invited to participate in the community as an expert in urban transformation processes.

  • Invited speaker at the conference on post-covid19 urban transformation.


Collaborator | 2020

EIT Climate-KIC (UE)

Deep Demonstration Madrid, a project that works with policy makers, industry, community leaders and funders to address the climate emergency with innovation.

  • Co-design of the Deep Demonstration portfolios in Madrid.


Coordinator | 2019 - present

Medialab Prado (Ayuntamiento de Madrid)

De 0 a 99, an intergenerational collaborative learning by doing program.

  • Project design and conceptualization.

  • Program and team coordinator.

  • Program redesign for the pandemic context.


Consultant | 2019 - 2020

Fundación Grandes Amigos

Madrid Vecina, a community volunteer program created by Grandes Amigos as part of its organizational transformation and expansion.

  • Project design consultancy.

  • Co-design of the implementation plan.

  • Establishment of multi-stakeholder alliances for community development.

Researcher and facilitator | 2019


Madrid Salud (Ayuntamiento de Madrid)

Structuring municipal actions for loneliness prevention, research and co-design initiative on loneliness and the role of Madrid City Council in its approach.

  • Coordination of the process of co-design of actions against loneliness.

  • Research process on loneliness and municipal intervention.

  • Elaboration of the final report on loneliness.


Coordinator and facilitator | 2019

Madrid Salud (Ayuntamiento de Madrid)

The community as an asset for health, project that explores the potential benefits of collaboration in the neighboring buildings.

  • Design project and coordination.

  • Workshops facilitation.

  • Research process.

  • Elaboration of the two final reports with actionable tips: one for professionals, one for the public.

Communication Manager | 2018 - 2020

Diseño sin título (2).png

Madrid Salud (Ayuntamiento de Madrid)

Loneliness prevention pilot project, the first public project in Madrid specifically aimed at loneliness prevention.

  • Develop communication strategies to ensure the project identity and mission.

  • Oversee all communication materials.

  • Media relations.

  • Collaborate with the City Council's communications team.

Personal projects

Designer | 2021

Raigambre: monitoring system of urban conditions for rooting. Final project of the Strategic Design course of La Nave Nodriza.

Designer | 2021

Una pizca de: economic and cultural dynamization of municipal markets. Intermediate project of the strategic design course of La Nave Nodriza.

Product owner| 2021

Te llamo: one of the twenty projects selected (out of more than eight hundred) in the hackathon Vence al virus of the Regional Government of Madrid.

Designer and coordinator | 2019 -2020

Del portal al barrio: project selected by Obra Social La Caixa and implemented with its funding.

Designer and coordinator | 2016 - present

La Escalera: project selected by the Medialab Prado Innovation Lab and executed with funding from the Madrid City Council.

Who I've worked with

Some people I've worked with

Some of my talks


The City Transformation | El día después será (itdUPM, ISGlobal, REDS, Iberdrola)

Invited expert to the agora on city transformation for the fulfillment of the SDGs.

Cafés Scientifiques: on sustainable cities | Fundación Montemadrid.

Speaker at the scientific dissemination session organized by La Casa Encendida and the British Council on urban health, sustainability and resilience.

Soluciones Contagiosas | Plena Inclusión

Speaker at the forum of innovative experiences of use to the group of people with disabilities.

Un año en un día | Medialab Prado

Invited to present my personal project La Escalera as part of Un año en un día, Medialab Prado's showcase of the year's outstanding projects.


Some media appearances

para todos.png

Para todos La 2

Special on social innovation for the transformation of urban social relations.


Tribus Ocultas

La Escalera: the collaborative project that builds neighborhood communities.

la ser.png

A vivir Madrid

Do we know our neighbors? La Escalera encourages neighborhood collaboration.


La aventura del saber

Special on social skills, care networks and community mediation.



I'm always open to talk about possible collaborations, sustainable design or simply anything and everything.


My education

Great course on Strategic design of digital products and services.

La Nave Nodriza

Course on Facilitation of co-design processes.

La Nave Nodriza

University Degree on 
Journalism .

Universidad Carlos III

Certificate of Higher Education on Image

Puerta Bonita

Specialization course on therapeutic companionship

Asociación Pasos

Certificate of Higher Education on Auxiliary nursing care

Sant Francesc

Course on Care, city and infrastructures of the common

Nociones Comunes

Lets talk!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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